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These are schedules which have evolved for us over the years. They should be modified according to each owner's particular situation. They are constantly changing because of the availability of certain vaccines. Many things such as dehorning have to be done a little differently with each animal.
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Age Activity
Birth Vit A/D, Antibiotics, Record
Week 1 Horns, Grain
Week 2 CD/T I ¹ , Castrate (Band)
Week 5 CD/T II
Week 6 Vit A/D,Albon®
Week 10 70 da Weight
Week 12 7 way I, Vit A/D, Worm I
Week 14 98 da Weight, Wean
Week 15 7 way II, Worm II
Week 16 Redo to Adult Schedule
Date Activity
Jan 14 Deliver
Mar 3 Worm I
Mar 27 Worm II
Apr 24 Wean kids
Jun 5 Worm I
Jun 26 Worm II, 7 Way
Jul 15 Lime Sulfur Spray
Aug 21 Breed
Sep 11 Rebreed
Nov 13 Dry up
Nov 30 Worm I
Dec 21 Worm II, CD/T, Vit A/D

Date Activity
Mar 3 Worm I
Mar 27 Worm II
June 5 Worm I
Jun 26 Worm II, 7 Way
Jul 31 Pre-breeding exam
Aug 21 Breed
Sep 11 Rebreed
Nov 30 Worm I
Dec 21 Worm II, CD/T
Notes: Try to rotate 2 or 3 types of wormers. We use Valbazen®(see label) before delivery against liver flukes. Do not give Valbazen during the first one-third of the gestation period.

In some areas, babies may need selenium shots.

Adult Doe schedule will have to be adjusted according to when breeding actually occurs.

We use a summer lime sulfur spray because skin disorders common in area.

The buck should be examined for soundness of legs, overall health, cleanliness of prepuce, irregularities of testes proir to the breeding season.

Ideally, the kids should not be banded until they have had their second CD/T shot for full tetanus protection, but the testicles are so large at that time that the banding can be quite painful.

We also recommend a worming for does right after delivery, because there seems to be a heightened worm storm at that time.

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