Privacy statement



We very strongly believe in protecting your privacy when you are visiting our Web site and when you send e-mail to "goatwisdom."

Requests for lists of e-mail addresses of people who have written to us are ALWAYS denied. If you have a web site with an e-mail link or an e-mail address listed, only the URL of your Web site might be provided to parties who write to us requesting information which we feel that you may have a particular ability to provide. You e-mail address will never be given to anyone without your permission.

We have no control over the "free" search engine herein provided by Google® and the other links. We greatly appreciate these enhancements to our pages and encourage you to use them frequently; however, we cannot be responsible for their privacy policies.

You may notice that goatwisdom is placing cookies on visitors' computers. This is done by the hosting company in order to provide me with statistics on total visits to the site, number of hits, broken links, etc. We do not view or gather any information about individual users.

Thank you for taking the time to read this statement.