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Single word search:

To look for any particular word on any of the pages of goatwisdom using the Google custom search box on the home page, simply enter the word and press "Search".
Search as a Diagnostic Tool:

By entering any number of observed symptoms in the box, the search can be used as a very powerful diagnostic aid. The only complicating factor is that we must both be using the same or very similar words to describe the symptoms. To see a complete list of our terms, go to the symptoms list page. I'd recommend that you try your own words first and see how you do.

For example, you have a kid with diarrhea that is yellow in color. He has a fever, is limping and his respiration is rapid. You would then enter: "diarrhea yellow fever limping rapid respiration". Don't use quotation marks! This serach would give you a rather limited number of choices; in fact, if you try it, it will come up empty. If you were to enter "yellow diarrhea", the search would return all the pages which discuss diseases which may exhibit yellow diarrhea, currently about 17. If you enter "watery yellow diarrhea", you'll find about 10 pages. The more words you enter the fewer the responses and the more likely the response is to be correct.

As with all diagnostic tools, this is only one part of the process. Careful and objective observation is essential. In many cases, specific laboratory tests and/or an exam by a vet may be needed to confirm a tentative diagnosis based on superficial symptoms. One way in which the diagnostic tool has been helpful to me is in those instances where it may point to two or three diseases as possible causes and all of these require the same medicine for treatment. I can then feel fairly confident that giving that drug will be beneficial.

It should, of course, be noted that the data upon which the diagnostic tool has been built has been gathered by a layperson, not a veterinarian.  The whole purpose of "goatwisdom" continues to be helping people do the very best possible job in raising their beloved goats.

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