The Medicine Chest

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This is a list of some of the basic supplies that should be in your medicine cabinet. At the bottom of the page are some more expensive, optional items for the more dedicated.

ALBON® - Sulfadimethoxine - For treating coccidiosis and scours

Ammonium chloride - for control of urinary calculi

Amprolium (Corid) - For treating coccidiosis

Antihistamine - Over-the-counter Chlorpheniramine maleate for insect bites, allergies

Aspirin - For pain and inflammation

Betadyne - A mild iodine and soap solution, very healing

Bigeloil® Liqui-Gel - Good linament

Black cloth - for finding clots in milk

Bleach - Cleaning and treating feet, general disinfectant; helps on some sores that won't respond to other remedies

Blood Stopper - A powder that stops bleeding when you goof

California Mastitis Test - Accurate inexpensive test of milk

Catheters / feeding tubes - For emergency feeding and doctoring

CD/T vaccine - Enterotoxemias and tetanus

C & D Antitoxin - For treating enterotoxemia, can be given orally

Clostridial vaccine (7 way) Other clostridium spp

Comb - For general grooming, cleaning

Cotton balls - Basic care

Cotton swabs - For cleaning eyes, wounds, etc

Cow-calf dust - For insect problems

Deccox® - For prevention of coccidiosis

Dehorning iron - see Dehorning page

Ear syringe - Fast enema for kids; aid for cleaning airway of newborns

Elastrator bands, lamb - Small bands for castrating bucks

Elastrator- For applying castrating bands

Electrical tape - Outer wrap on bandages

Electrolyte, oral - For fluid replacement when scour

Electrolyte, SQ or IV - The ultimate fluid replacement. (You can get Lactated Ringers with Dextrose from a vet.)

Electrolytes Plus® - Electrolytes with nutritional supplements

EMT Gel - Outstanding wound care aid, "Natural hydrolysate of collagen "

Enema bag - For adults

Epinephrine - Emergency remedy for anaphylactic shock

Exam light - Adjustable, on stand or low ceiling

Eye Ointment - Terramycin®

Fungisan® - For fungus infections of skin

Hanging farm scale (200lb) - Weighing animals and feeds

Hemmorrhoid Ointment - Shrinks swollen vulva tissue before and after delivery

Hydrogen peroxide - Wound cleaning (some vets now advise against)

Iodine, tincture 7% - Need permit to ship, buy local

K Y Jelly® - For OB work, at drug/discount stores

KaoPectate - Animal type for diarrhea

Kopertox® - For foot rot

LA200® - Long-lasting oxytetracycline, a broad spectrum antibiotic; good for respiratory ailments

Lamb Saver - for tube feeding kids

Measuring tape, cloth sewing - For weight measurements (see chart in "Husbandry")

Merck Manual

Molasses - Supplement; appetite stimulant

Mineral Oil - For digestive ailments and constipation

Nail nippers - For hard nails and dew claws

Nasal aspirator - For removing mucous from airways in newborn

Needles (20 x ¾) - disposable

Needles (20 x 1) - disposable

Nipples, lamb - make a variety of hole sizes

Nolvasan® suspension - Infusion for prevention and treatment of uterine infections

NTZ Puffer - For eyes infections, dehorning injuries, certain cuts where need drying action

OB Gloves - Box of 100 (long-sleeve)

Oti-clens® - Ear cleaning solutions, great for skin too

Penicillin BP-48 - Long lasting (48 hour)

Penicillin Procaine G - The old standby

PeptoBismal® - Treatment for diarrhea

Pocket knife - hoof trimming, emergencies

Probios Bovine One - Gel in 60gm tube to restore rumen flora and aid at stress

Rennit tablets - Cheesemaking, diarrhea remedy

Rubbing alcohol - Sterilization

Scalpels - Disposable, variety of blades

Scissors - high quality small nail scissors for removing extra teats

Scissors - regular sewing shears for timming hair, etc.

Screw worm spray - For prevention of screwworms, maggots and all sorts of bad things (Use with extreme care!)

Sewing thread - To tie off navel of newborns, other emergency situations

Sheeting strips - Binding wounds

Small bolus guns - for giving Sulfa pills, worm pills, etc

Stethoscope - For listening to heart, lungs and digestive organs

Stiptic pencil - To stop bleeding

Sulmet oblets, 2.5g - Broad spectrum remedy for digestive and respiratory infections

Sustain III® - Long-acting form of sulfa

Suture needles and material - There will always be emergencies!

Syringe - 3ml

Syringe - 6 ml

Syringe - 12 ml

Syringe - 60 ml

Teat dilators - Helps keep teats open if there is injury or other problem with canal

Terramycin Tablets - Good for diarrhea (rather expensive)

Tetanus anti-toxin - Given at time of injury to prevent or treat tetanus (effective only for short time)

Thermometer - Veterinary type with string and clip on end

Tongue depressors - Lots of handy uses, including splints for newborns with weak joints

Tramisol bolus (sheep) - Wormer

Tweezers - Very handy for removing foreign bodies

Tylan 200® - Good for respiratory infections. Some use in conjunction with Penicillin

Udder Balm (Bag Balm) - For massaging and treating injuries and congestion of udder

Valbazen® - Wormer, effective against liver flukes, which are common problem with goats in some areas

Vaseline - To soften hardened skin, put on thermometers, aid to rectal exam

Vetwrap® - To cover bandages, helps with minor strains and sprains, doesn’t stick to hair or flesh

Vicks® - For respiratory ailments; helps restore normal breathing in choking animal

Vinegar, white - Skin remedy, mild fungicide

Vitamin A & D (Injectable) - Fast source of Vitamin A; also given 3 wk before delivery and to weak (or all) kids shortly after birth

Vitamin B Complex (Injectable) - Fast source of many of the B Vitamins, helps stress

Wonder Dust - Wound powder and blood coagulant

Optional items

Benzocaine - Topical pain relief

Bo-Se / Vitamin E - For treatment of white muscle disease; see vet

Calcium IV - For milk fever, if skilled

Dextrose - Injectable form of energy replacement

Microscope outfit - Helpful for fecal exams, skin scapings [Low power kids toy type is sufficient for many uses]

Otoscope - For ear exams, for removing foreign bodies from nose and ears, a great investment

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