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Our herd consists of crossbred, unregistered goats. Our most recent buck was a purebred Nubian so we have a good number of does who are mostly Nubian in appearance. We have usually selected our "keepers" more on the basis of personality (ease of handling, quiet disposition, intelligence, etc) than any other characteristic. Contrary to what one should be doing, we are not needing to improve the milking or meat quality of our herd at this time. Therefore, our Nubian-Alpine-Toggenberg crosses have served us well. They are hardy, raise strong babies on their own, are very friendly and are easy to care for.

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The first consideration in upgrading is the purchase or use of a purebred buck. There are breeders who raise purebred stock who sell unproven kids or yearlings for a very reasonable price. This is a good choice for the beginner. The Nubian buck mentioned above was purchased as a newborn kid for only $25. Fortunately he turned out to be a great buck; but when you pay that kind of price, there is considerable risk that this will not be the case.

I am unfamiliar with many of the breeds of goats and we are not involved in shows or sales. It is best to refer you to a Web site that has an outstanding presentation of the various breeds: Breeds of Livestock/Goats is part of an excellent Web Site offered by Oklahoma State University. [NOTE: This link is currently not working; we're working on it.] Links to some of their other pages are available at our Links page.

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