False pregnancy


False pregnancies are fairly common in goats. If you raise a large number of goats, you will probably see one or two of these in your lifetime.
The udder enlarges as in a normal pregnancy, but [usually] does not fill with milk. The doe may search for or call for the "missing" kid. The uterus (and abdomen) may increase in size and/or fill with fluid, but will not contain a fetus. This accumulation may be carried past the normal 5 months and then be spontaneously expelled.
Simply DO NOTHING. Don’t milk her. Don’t increase or reduce her feed. Don’t try to give her an orphan kid to try to raise. Again, do nothing. One should, however, watch for uterine infections and mastitis which may accompany the disorder or imitate it and treat these as appropriate.
Many return to "normal" for the next season and have no difficulty in establishing a successful pregnancy. Do not attempt a breeding if she is still expelling fluid from the uterus.
Further comments

Another similar-looking disaster is a belly filled with fluid resulting from a ruptured bladder. Some other diseases, such as liver failure, can also cause a fluid-filled abdominal cavity.

Many people have had great success in milking does who become productive without having been bred. And there are those very few does who enter a state of almost permanent lactation without having been bred. I really doubt that this situation is well understand. One should be careful that this has not been caused by or accompanied by a severe mastitis infection. You should consider having the milk tested before you keep it for household use.