Lead Poisoning



Sources of lead poisoning include paint (the obvious and most common cause, especially in baby goats), old batteries, used motor oil, grease, shot.


Lead poisoning is an extremely critical situation. The animal will appear to be dramatically ill 2 or 3 days following ingestion with extreme nervousness, possible blindness, snapping of eyelids, odd convulsive movements of limbs, tremors, pushing against objects, grinding of teeth, rapid respiration. There may be constipation or diarrhea.


Get help from your vet at once. If not available, can try: gastric lavage, Epsom salts drench, IV calcium (as in milk fever treatment). Unfortunately, treatment is rarely of any value.


The usual situation is where baby goats are put in a temporary pen made of old boards that are covered with lead-based paint. It doesn’t take much chewing on the boards to have some very dead kids. Basically, don’t allow any animals near any painted surface unless you know for sure that the paint does not contain lead (which is no longer used to make paint).


Lead poisoning is a terrible way to die. Always be alert to any painted surfaces and any of the other sources mentioned above. If bringing in animals for the first time, go over your place carefully. If you are uncertain about the ingredients in any painted materials, remove and replace them right away. P>