Chlorinated Hydrocarbons



A class of insecticides commonly used in agriculture, although its use is generally diminishing. Lindane is a common ingredient in screwworm medications and Methoxychlor is in many fly preparations (cattle dusts). Chlordane is no longer approved in most situations and is highly toxic.


Alertness, twitching (from front to back), head may hang, chewing, belligerent, excess salivation, trembling, convulsions, death.


If ingested: gastric lavage. If on skin: thorough bathing. Replenish fluids. A visit to the vet would be highly recommended.


We have used cow/calf fly dusts on goats with no apparent problems, but I can find no references to studies of toxicity in goats; thus, fly powders should be used with extreme caution. Generally, flies are not a problem in goats. During severe fly season when the danger of maggot or other larvae infestation is a genuine risk and there has been a serious injury or surgical procedure, we have guardedly used lindane preparations as a preventative measure. Only small amounts in very restricted areas should be used. As soon as the wound is healed, the area can be cleansed thoroughly. Maggots can make a disgusting mess of a wound in very little time and are much harder to get rid of than to prevent.