Miscellaneous poisons



Here are some miscellaneous toxic substances not covered on individual pages

Antifreeze [6379]
Act intoxicated, thirsty, rapid heart and breathing, then depression, coma and death. If mild: gastroenteritis and loss of appetite. May have hypothermia and abdominal pain. Immediate vet care
Carbamate insecticides (Sevin) [6475]
Hypersalivation, GI problems (cramps, diarrhea), sweating, shortness of breath, cyanosis, tremors, convulsions, bronchial constriction. (Not usually a problem if applied properly - 2%) Atropine sulfate. Vet
Cottonseed [6310]
Heart failure and death, dyspnea, froth-filled trachea, weight loss, weakness, anorexia, gastroenteritis, hemoglobinuria, reproductive problems Remove cottonseed feed products, eliminate stress
Cyanide [6336]
Excitement, rapid respiration, dyspnea, rapid heart rate, salivation, lacrimation, voiding of urine and feces, stagger, muscle contractions, mucous membranes bright red, blood may not clot Avoid poisonous plants, may survive if get immediate vet help
Death camas [6376]
Salivation, vomiting, staggering, prostration, coma, death See vet
Fluoride [6381]
Abnormal hoof growth, lameness, bone spurs, skin dry with horny cracks, teeth mottled (red-brown) None; usually a chronic condition
Fusarium (moldy fescue) [6401]
Loss of appetite and milk production, diarrhea, staggers (Not same as "fescue lameness") Eliminate moldy fescue
Gossypol [6411]
From cottonseed. Heart failure, shortness of breath, weight loss, weakness, depression, gastroenterisits, reproductive problems Don't feed cottonseed products to young. See vet
Halogenated cyclic hydrocarbons (PCB, dioxin) [6416]
Wasting; disorders of skin, reproduction, endocrine system; depression, carcinomas None
Henbane (Jimson) [6421]
Unsteady gait, cramps, convulsions, unconsciousness, difficult breathing, rapid pulse None
Herbicide [6451]
Sudden death with rapid rigor mortis, diarrhea, rapid pulse and breathing, yellow stain of skin and hair, weakness, drooling, shortness of breath, weakness, muscle contractions, tremors, convulsions 2-4 D is non-toxic if properly applied. Don't use chlorates, dinitros or arsenates.
Insect repellents [6473]
Unknown Some, such as deet, may be toxic
Iron [6480]
Can cause immediate death; affects heart Do not use injectable iron on goats unless upon advice from vet; give Vit E first
Isopropyl alcohol [6482]
GI pain, dizziness, coma, death, dehydration, hard on kidneys and liver Emitics, gastric lavage. Call vet. Being used less now.
Johnson grass [6485]
Contains prussic acid. Slobbering, shortness of breath, rapid respiration, rapid weak pulse, convulsions, rapid death Eliminate from feed
Larkspur [6501]
Falling, straddling stance, rapid pulse and respiration, constipation, bloating Immediate vet
Lime sulfur (fungicide) [6521]
Discomfort and/or blistering. Rarely a problem if applied properly Wash and apply ointments
Locoweed [6451]
Abnormal behavior, unsteady gait if stressed, tremors; early to mid-term abortions, congenital defects, light birth weights, abdominal distention in late pregnancy (hydrops) None; limit access to 2 - 4 weeks
Mercury [6561]
Vomiting, bloody diarrhea, severe kidney and GI damage, large OR small amounts of urine, head pressing, paralysis, arched back, stomatitis Immediately to vet
Metaldehyde [6570]
Hypersensitivity, tremors, incoordination, convulsions, salivation shortness of breath, rapid pulse, fever Snail and slug bait; Immediately to vet
Methanol [6574]
Vomit, pain, hyperexcitability, convulsions, arched back, head held back, fixed pupils Unknown
Milkweed [6581]
Bloating, pulse rapid and weak, rapid respiration, spasms, staggering, weakness, weight loss, coma, death. Usually only ingest if drought or overgrazing. See vet
Molybdenum [6601]
Profuse diarrhea with secondary copper deficiency; also lameness, abnormal gait, anemia, emaciation, joint pain, bone problems, fading of hair color, reproductive failures Correct pasture and feed ratios; make sure copper is in salt
Mycotic lupinosis (moldy lupine) [6621]
Lazy, loss of appetite, constipation, rumen stasis, yellowing of skin, stupor, death Watch for "blood spot" fungi on pasture litter after rains. Usually fatal. Blue lupines mostly resisant
Mycotoxicosis [6641]
Mold on any feed: especially fescue, corn, lupine, ryegrass, clover. Can be fatal. Anorexia, incoordination, loss of condition, retarded growth Remove feed source. NEVER use moldy feed
Nicotine sulfate [6476]
Tremors, inco-ordination, disturbed respiration, coma, death Do NOT use around animals. Immediate vet.
Nightshade [6661]
Looks like tomato plant; in late summer may be only thing green; apathy, drowsiness, salivation, shortness of breath, weakness, paralysis Unknown; remove all plants
Oak [6691]
Anorexia, constipation, dry muzzle, black feces or diarrhea with blood and mucous, frequent urination, rapid pulse, emaciation, nasal discharge, thirst, increased urinary output, death Remove from oaks, treat symptoms
Paspalum staggers [6721]
Fungus affects seed heads of grasses; trembling, incoordination, fall down, eventual paralysis Remove to unaffected feed
Penta [6731]
Nervous, rapid pulse and respiration, weakness, muscle tremors, fever, convulsions Cool the animal, remove from source, fluids; contact vet
Petroleum products [6741]
Aspiration pneumonia, anorexia, depression, wasting, rumen stops functioning, excited, drying and crackling of skin, shivering, tremors, incoordination, shortness of breath, death. Release boat, if present. Broad spectrum antibiotics. Wash skin if external.
Pine, Western yellow [6751]
Abort if consumed in late pregnancy Remove from species which cause problems
Poison hemlock [6766]
Loss of appetite, bloat, drooling, feeble pulse, paralysis, nervousness, convulsions, rapid death Stimulants; contact vet
Prunus spp (cherries, peaches, etc) [6781]
Slobbering, rapid pulse and respiration, convulsions, shortness of breath, death Remove from source; be careful of "browse" provided
Pyrethroids [6476]
Rarely toxic, may cause allergic reactions. Hypersalivation, diarrhea, hypothermia, tremors, shortness of breath, seizures. Contact vet
Red clover [6792]
Extreme salivation ("slobbers"), diarrhea, occasional death. Recover when removed from source. Watch for ALL blackened legumes in hay
Senecio [6841]
Chronic poisoning from ragwort, tarweed, etc. Loss of condition, constipation or diarrhea, swollen belly, yellow skin, awkward wandering, press against objects Rarely recover, see vet
Sorghum/sudan grass[6861]
After lengthy grazing; posterior incoordination, urinary incontinance, evetual paralysis, fetal deformities Contact vet
St Johnswort [6871]
Photosensitization of area of white skin, itching, blindness, convulsions, death Remove animals from area
Strychnine [6866]
Seizures, apprehension, stiffness, pupils dilated, cyanotic, death Immediately remove stomach contents, keep calm, to vet.
Sweet clover [6921]
Stiffness, lameness, hemotomas, GI bleeding, death from faulty blood coagulation Vet. Be real careful of clover hay
Vetch [6961]
Weakness, trembling, incoordination, paralysis Use caution if feeding vetches
Warfarin [6801]
Hemorrhage, anemia, melena, weakneess, incoordination, anorexia, digestive symptoms Vitamin K; prevention is easier

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