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Biotin [5181]
Poor growth and appetite, skin and foot problems See vet; supplement
Calcium [5001]
Poor bone development, lameness, osteodystrophies, swollen cheeks, fractures, "big head," stiff/painful gait, weight loss, jugular pulse, weak, coat shaggy and dull, milk fever in postpartem does Feed less grain, more hay (alfalfa), CMPK gel, Calcium gluconate
Choline [5211]
Incoordination See vet
Cobalt [5011]
Rough hair, milk drops, stunted growth, weight loss, anorexia Vit B12 injections and TM bloc with cobalt
Copper¹ [5021]
Lameness, loss of hair color, poor growth, anemia, diarrhea, hindlimb incoordination in young ("swayback"), joints stiff, legs crooked, blindness; loss of hair on tip of tail ("fishtail") Copper sulfate, cattle TM bloc
Energy (Caloric) [5191]
Milk drops, babies weak, retarded growth or weight loss, reproductive problems, stillbirth, skin problems, appetite normal Careful attention to diet
Fatty Acid [5191]
Skin will show excess dandruff Improve diet; supplements
Iodine [5031]
Enlarged thyroid or "goiter", hairless young Potassium iodide (with vet help), paint goiter with iodine, keep salt bloc out of sun
Iron [5041]
Loss of appetite, lazy, lose weight. If severe: weak pulse, pale mucosa, cold extremities, parasites Oral iron
Magnesium [5051/8506]
Staggering, excited, suddenly throw up head and run erratically, high stepping, twitching of muscles, grinding of teeth, erratic eye movements, ears erect, loud fast pulse, body temperature may be high, fall down and convulse, then die. IV Magnesium and calcium; Immediate vet care
Manganese [5151]
Breeding problems, deformed young (with enlarged joints and poor growth, blind), lameness, obesity Suppplements, avoid excessive corn
Phosphorus [5061]
Chronic wasting, softening of bones, lameness, decreased milk, may eat soil Improve nutrition, concentrates, supplements
Protein [5221]
Poor growth, milk drops, weight loss, depressed appetite, difficult deliveries, retained afterbirth, stillbirths, babies small and weak, hair brittle and rough, irregular heats, lack resistance to parasites Increase natural protein (see "Poisons" re urea); horse blocs
Salt [5161]
Incoordination, shiver, appetite poor or deranged, chew objects, milk drops, muscle contractions or tremors, heart problems Reintroduce salt slowly
Sulfur [5231]
Poor growth, reduced appetite, poor hair condition Supplements; use natural proteins
Vitamin A² [5071]
Abortion, infertility, weak babies, night blindness, cloudy eyes, swollen brisket, cough, labored breathing, watery eyes and nose, weight loss, incoordination, diarrhea, head to one side Vitamin A injections
Vitamin B (several)[5081]
Anorexia, tremors, incoordination, altered gait, diarrhea, infertlilty, blindness, head pressing Vitamin B (complex) injections
Vitamin D [5111]
Rickets (swollen and painful leg joints), beaded ribs, fractures Sunlight, Vit D injections ( or tabs), check calcium and phosphorus levels
Vitamin E / Selenium³ [5121]
Sudden death, severe fatigue, infertility, retained placenta, babies weak, stillborn and/or stiff, arched back, may not stand, won’t nurse, shortness of breath, retarded growth, toes splayed, wasting, diarrhea (occasionally), "white muscle disease" Vit E and selenium (BoSe), study diet
Vitamin K [5241]
Anemia Avoid moldy sweet clover; see vet for diagnosis and treatment
Zinc [5171]
Hair loss, bones soft, diarrhea, salivation, depression, feet sore and swollen, joints stiff, growth retarded, dermatitis, wounds may fail to heal See vet; supplement

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