Internal Parasite Chart



Internal Parasites
Name Symptoms Treatment
Roundworms [4010] "Bottle jaw"¹, constipation OR diarrhea, rough hair coat, anemia², cough, weight loss, indigestion Tramisol® (Levamisole), Panacur® (Fenbendazole), Valbazen® (Albendazole)
Liver flukes (trematodes) [4351] Off feed; abdomen painful, swollen and sags; muscles shrink; anemia; milk drops; brisket skin yellow; diarrhea OR consitpation; "bottle jaw;" head droops; sudden death. Can lead to Black disease³. Valbazen®
Lungworms [4421] Rapid shallow breathing with "husky" cough, head held forward, drooling, protruding tongue, nasal discharge (sometimes), froth from mouth if severe Tramisol®, change pasture
Stomach flukes [4441] Anorexia, thirst, diarrhea can be severe, unthrifty appearance, eggs may be seen in feces, can lead to death Control snails; Contact your vet
Parasites (larvae) in Central Nervous System (CNS) Weakness, incoordination, head to one side, circling, blindness, ear or eyelid droop, paralysis, loss of normal fear, sleepiness Killing them via normal means causes release of toxins which may be fatal.
1 "Bottle jaw" refers to a peculiar swelling under the jaw which frequently accompanies worm infestation. It is usually centrally located, which distinguishes it from most jaw swellings that are infectious in nature wherein the lump will tend toward one side. Also, it feels more watery to the touch.

2 When checking for anemia, the "paleness" that you are looking for is more reliably observed by rolling back the eyelids than looking at the gums. The "normal" color of gums and other oral tissues can vary greatly among individual animals.

3 Black disease: a very serious disease caused by Clostridium novyi resulting in sudden death. Easily vaccinated against by use of "7-way". Rare in goats.

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