First of all, let us make it clear from the start that we don’t pretend to be experts on parasitology; you’ll have to go your vet for that. We will simply present some basic guidance for the average goat person, with an emphasis on prevention and recognition of problems.

Parasites vary in size from tiny, little things that live inside blood cells to huge, disgusting things several feet in length. Chances are you will never see any of them; but chances are equally good that you WILL see the results of them sooner or later.

This section is divided into two parts, internal parasites that invade the digestive system, lungs or central nervous system (CNS) and external parasites that live mostly on the skin. Let’s hope that the links are easy to follow.

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To start with some fun things, here are a few links to some great web pages about parasites where you can see lots and lots of really great pictures:

The Nanoworld Image Gallery   You won’t be able to stop looking!

The Molecular Expressions Photo Gallery

Here are the links to our Parasite pages:

Internal parasites

Worming   Some basic considerations

External parasites

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