General observations



Random general comments regarding skin ailments:

Most bacterial skin infections are not contagious.

Areas affected by causes:

Inhalant allergy: face, axilla (armpit), feet
Food allergy: dermatitis and lower back, perineum
Endocrine disorders: truck
Sex hormone: dermatoses, lower back, groin, perineum, folds of flank, axilla, feet, face
Seborrhea: edges of ears, trunk, perineum, groin, umbilicus, nipples, interdigital
Contact dermatitis: feet, scrotum, groin, axilla, lips
Causes sorted by area affected
Face: autoimmune, pyoderma, demodectic mange, contact dermatitis, ringworm, scabies, seborrhea
Feet: neurotic dermatoses, pyoderma, demodectic mange, atopy (inhalant allergy), hookworm, vasculitis
Lateral elbows: scabies, calluses, pressure point pyoderma
Trunk: pyoderma, seborrhea, demodectic mange, cheyletiella, endocrine problems
Ears: scabies, seborrhea, autoimmune, hives, pyoderma, vasculitis, drugs given nursing dam
Lower back: flea allergy, food allergy, hyperesthesia
Groin: pyoderma, autoimmune, contact dermatitis, atopy, seborrhea
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