Malabsorption syndrome


The disorder known as "malabsorption syndrome" is far too complex to be dealt with in detail here. Obviously, it refers to the fact that although presented with adequate nutrients the animals is unable to benefit from them. This can lead to or be caused by a chronic diarrhea that is extremely frustrating to the well-intentioned owner. One is encouraged to read about this in a good text on vet medicine to become familiar with some of the causes.

There may be persistent or sporadic diarrhea, poor weight gain or weight loss, dehydration, anemia, swollen abdomen and possibly a variety of other symptoms. The animals will tend to have rough a hair coat and look pretty unthrifty. Sometimes it will live so long with diarrhea you will wonder how it is possible to stay alive.


Try a variety of dietary changes and avoid grains. Try tetracyclines in oral or shot form. Our experience indicates that electrolytes seem to be of little value. Probios® or other "microbials" sometimes are very helpful. (Use the kind intended for cattle.)