Inverted eyelids



Entropion is a condition where the eyelids turn in and rub against the eyeball. This is usually first noticed because of a watery and partially closed eye. It is a good idea to check for this right at delivery. If found, manually roll the lid out and give the lashes a little bit of a pull. Do this every couple of hours for a little while. If there is still a problem, then you must intervene. You can seek help from your veterinarian who may do one of several procedures.

If you want to correct the problem yourself, you can inject with a fine needle a small amount of Pen G or sterile saline into two or three locations of the offending lid (1/2 cc pen G 3/16" from margin of eyelid). It takes a real steady hand and a little bit of courage. I like to use Pen G to help guard against infection, although it is a little hard to get through a fine needle. You may have to repeat the procedure once or twice, but this is not usually the case. Inject enough into each site to cause the lid to puff out a little. If the process is succesful, this will keep the lid from rolling back in. Alternatively, there are little staples or clips available that (supposedly) work quite nicely, but I've never tried them.

Always follow up any treatment with ophthalmic ointment several times per day.

This is apparently an inherited disorder and you may not want to keep the victim for breeding purposes.

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