E. coli



Tends to occur in very young kids, under 5 days of age. It is generally yellowish in color (sometimes called "bright" yellow). It is also known as "white scours" but you will generally note the yellow color. There may be "profuse" amounts of watery diarrhea because the organism actually causes the colon to secrete water (in addition to the fluid or milk that is ingested). The kid may or may not have a fever (temp may even be below normal). It may stop nursing. There can be rapid dehydration, an arched back or a hunched appearance. Blindness is common at the peak of the illness. The organisms can be acquired at birth, through filthy bedding, orally or through the navel. This is always to be considered a very serious ailment.


Treatment must begin at once with oral antibiotics and electrolytes. Broad spectrum injectible antibiotics such as pen G is also recommended. Treatment must be prompt and vigorous if it is to succeed. Prenatal vitamin A shots given to the dam 3 weeks before birth and a good dose of colostrum given to the kid at birth go a long way toward prevention.

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