We have found this to be a very common problem in baby goats. Always watch for the first black tarry stools (called meconium) that will come out sometime in the first hours. The kid will soon lose its appetite if it does not pass this. At times during the first month of life, the kid may appear to be a little "off", may not want to nurse, may make little "groany" noises, may (if things get really bad) lie on its side and make kicking motions, or may just get weaker and weaker until it dies. This syndrome sometimes passes as wimpy kid disease or "weak kid disease." Of course, these may all be symptoms of other ailments; but it is wise to check for recent stools. A simple enema or stimulation with a gloved small finger may be all that is needed to solve the problem.

For an enema, add 1/4 teaspoon of soda to one pint of warm water and gently insert with an ear syringe or other device. You may have to use a finger to break up a clumped mass of feces. Our theory is that there is no reason not to give an enema if there is any possibility of constipation. Sometimes we even give it to many babies when they are about three days old.-- just as prevention. 

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