At a minimum, the goat owner's library should consist of one of the basic books on raising goats and any edition of The Merck Veterinary Manual. The latter is a reference that can be read and re-read and then referred to over and over through the years. I readily acknowledge that we have relied heavily on this book in building goatwisdom

This list may be rather outdated. Most of the books listed below are available for purchase over the Internet. The ISBN numbers will be given when known. Comments which are provided reflect my opinion only and are not based on any other considerations.

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Raising Milk Goats the Modern Way, Jerry Belanger. ISBN 0882665766 A basic standard, reasonably priced.

Raising Sheep the Modern Way, Paula Simmons, Roger Griffith, Cathy Baker. ISBN 0882660934 Loaded with   information easily applicable to goats.

The New Goat Handbook, Ulrich Jaudas, Matthew M. Vriends, Fritz W. Kohler. ISBN 0812040902 Inexpensive,
  basic simple information.

Aids to Goatkeeping and Dairy Goat Husbandry and Disease Control , Leach (Dairy Goat Journal). Available
  as a "Used book." Many very practical suggestions and sketches.

The Merck Veterinary Manual (7th ed. 1991).
  ISBN 0911910557 Essential technical manual on diseases and treatment. Can't live without it.

The Merck Veterinary Manual (9th ed. 2005).
   ISBN-13: 9780911910506 Update of above, more info on goats, new format ( Link to online version).

Goat Medicine, Mary C. Smith, David M. Sherman. ISBN 0812114787 Expensive, technical, I have not read but it
  looks very good.

Goat Husbandry, David MacKenzie, Ruth Goodwin. ISBN 0571165958 Reasonable price, impressive Table of Contents   (have not read).

Nutrient Requirements of Goats, National Research Council. ISBN 0309031850 Details unavailable.

All About Goats, Lois Hetherington. ISBN 0852362293 Details unavailable.

Raising Milk Goats Successfully, Gail Luttman. ISBN 0913589241 Details unavailable.

Your Goats: A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing, Gail Damerow. ISBN 0882668750 Details unavailable.

TV VET Sheep Book, Farming Press Ltd. ISBN 0852361610 May not be available, but has great pictures of doctoring   sheep

Super-Easy Step-by-Step Cheesemaking, Yvonne Young Tarr. ISBN 0394720091 Simple, easy to follow, for the   beginner.