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Giving an IM Shot

An intrermuscular injection is
going to be a lot more painful
for the animal. Therefore, it is
necessary that you have a plan for
adequate restraint. The milk
stand is the perfect answer.
Otherwise, it might be best to get
someone to help you hold your victim.

An IM shot is usually given to
a goat in the muscle of the
upper rear leg, better known as
the butt. You can use the large
muscles of the neck or shoulder
if you're somewhat experienced;
but best to start with the rear
end. If your victim isn't used to
having shots, you can give a couple
of smart slaps to the target area
which helps to reduce the startle
of the needle. Then firmly push in
the needle (all the way if using
a 1" needle). Pull back the plunger
to see if you've located a blood
vessel. If you see blood
entering the syringe let go of
the plunger (don't push the blood
backin; leave it in the syringe),
back out and try a different site.
Keep pulling back on the plunger
at each site until you find one that
doesn't yield blood. Slowly push in
on the plunger until the contents
have been injected. (Generally, you
don't want to inject more than 10ml
at any one site. When done, swiftly
remove the needle making sure that
you're not pushing in on the plunger
while you're withdrawing.

Watch the animal for about
one-half hour to make sure that
it's not going to have some sort
of reaction (See page in SQ shots).
Never give long-acting (aka 24 hour)
penicillin by the IM route. The
results could easily be fatal.