More Tales of Cinderella

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Once upon a time, not so long ago on a cold rainy November night, a little Boer nanny was born. Cinderella was orphaned, and was quickly bundled up in the arms of her adopted human parents. Since it was winter, well as much as winter can be in South Carolina, she lived in the house near the wood stove in the living room. I put a shower curtain on the floor with straw on top and made the enclosure using a folding exercise pen. It made a prefect pen, that she was rarely in. During our waking hours, she could be found napping in our arms, sitting beside us when we were relaxing, in the truck with us when we went on trips and of course to work too. Like any infant, she was always with us. We took her everywhere, she was, well our kid! Her first trip was to help us with working an antique show in Atlanta. I remember packing things for her and thinking that it was like packing for a baby. Did I have enough formula, do I have her pen, do I have coat for her in case she gets cold... The customers loved her. Many had never been near a goat before. A real experience for them and for her. She loved all the attention and of course the picture taking too! Her favorite place was under her Papa's work table. Whenever he left our booth, Cinderella would follow him and "ma" for him to turn and see her to be picked up. Being a kid, she did wander from time to time and would trot down the road with usually me chasing after her. She was seeking something new to nibble.

Her next trip was to visit her Grandnanny at Christmas. My mother lived in a retirement community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is beautiful farm country. We were not sure how she would be received by administration. This of course did not deter Grandnanny from taking her Grandkid down the hall to meet her friends at the reception desk. Cinderella rode on her lap as Mom drove her electric wheelchair. The two were quite a sight! There were several second looks as they went down the hall! Cinderella was invited to join a few parties during her visit. She was quite the little socialite! So many wanted to see this little thing. My Mom's friends and administration thought that she was adorable. During our visit, we took her to meet some of the residents who were living in the skilled nursing area. It was a wonderful time and I'm sure some may still be talking about the Christmas when Susie's "Grandkid" came to visit.

My mother had said that Cinderella could never live at the goat farm. "It wouldn't be fair to her. She just wouldn't understand. This is not the way that she has lived. Barbie, you just can't make her live at the goat farm, she's doesn't know that she's a goat." Well we took this to heart. We felt early on that she needed to learn how to be a goat and so would take her to the goat farm daily with us when we went to feed. She would ride on the front seat of the truck beside us and Patch, our dog. Goats have the most amazing imagination. She created a playground out of what was at the goat farm. A piece of tin was leaning against a table. This became her sliding board. She was the first to climb up the tin and then slide down. Well, that was all the other kids needed to see. Then everyone came to play. What a sight! Some did not want to take turns and would push one another off of the table so they could be the next one to slide down. I remember a precious sight, one of our wee kids climbed up on the table to have his first slide down and then stopped as if afraid. He looked down and there was his Mama at the bottom looking up at him as if to say, "It's OK, you can slide down, Mama's here" And with that encouraging reassuring look that little one went down the slide. Goats are amazing animals.

Patch, our dog, and Cinderella became great playmates. They could be found going down our quiet country road together. What a sight seeing a dog and little goat walking down the road together. On one of their outings, Cinderella saw one of our neighbors at her mailbox. She decided to do the polite thing and stop to introduce herself. Cinderella went up to her and tugged on her shirt tail to say "Hi". Imagine the look on Lucia's face when when she turned around to see who it was and saw Cinderella.

As I said, we took her every where with us. She would go to work with Barry to his wood shop in the morning. Trips to the lumber yards were fun places to visit. She was allowed at some yards to come in and visit. She would help herself to the waste basket for some paper treats! They always had a can of treats especially for her and she knew just where to go to get them. So many looked forward to her visits and she did too. We became known for Cinderella, rather than the furniture maker. She never got in to too much trouble, but she was precocious and curious.

Cinderella is now 2 years old. She can still be found in the evening watching TV with me beside the couch. She no longer sleeps beside the bed at night. She prefers to sleep with her 2 daughters in the shed beside the house. Cinderella still rides in the truck with me. She no longer fits comfortably on the front seat like she did as a wee thing playing with my keys or changing the radio station to country. Now she rides behind the front seat in the extended cab section. She can still reach the dials to change the radio station to her favorite- country. This had been a contest between us. If country is not on she either changes the station to country or turns the radio off. So now, I just set the radio station to country when she rides. After meeting Cinderella, a friend's daughters brought Cinderella a crown, knowing that every Princess needs one! Cinderella is a very special "kid" and will always have a place in my heart. She's, as her loving Grandnanny said, "not spoiled but 'loved alot' ".

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